• Daniel Tenca, Foodie and Future Attorney

  • Posted on June 10, 2017
  • Right now, most of Daniel Tenca’s time is occupied with finishing law school and getting his Juris Doctor law degree from the San Francisco School of Law. However, his past career offers a lot of insight into his personality. For example, a self-described “foodie,” Daniel Tenca has played a critical role at many highly regarded fine dining restaurants. Over the years, he has managed to develop a high level of expertise when it comes to the best techniques for making a fine dining experience memorable. Daniel also has a lot of knowledge when it comes to wine, and not just about serving techniques. He also has a significant level of knowledge of California wines, including interesting details about wine growing techniques. His knowledge of the cuisine of different cultures is enviable, especially when it comes to Spanish and Italian food.

    Daniel Tenca also loves to work hard. For example, he worked full time to put himself through college, at the same time he took a full course load and received good grades, which led to his earning a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Cal State University - Hayward in 2010. Daniel then parlayed that degree and his passion for arguing on behalf of the little guy to get into law school. He hopes to graduate in 2018 and to subsequently pass the California State Bar exam. More hard work with a great payoff.

    When he's not working hard, Daniel Tenca loves to follow sports. He loves all of the local professional sports teams, including the Giants in baseball, the 49ers in football and the Warriors in basketball. He is also very physically active. Not only is he an avid weightlifter, but he also loves to run and he loves to hike the many trails in the large numbers of state and national parks nearby.

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